MLB Regular Season

Enjoy the king of sports and the most important league in the world; between the stadium food, the refreshing drinks, the sport, and the general atmosphere, there is something for everyone to have fun. Enjoy the full experience as a local by encouraging the runner to steal a base or celebrating a home run, while tasting a “foot-long hot dog”. Enjoy an afternoon of socializing and mingle between each pitch, strengthening your relationships.

Day 1

Tourist class flight from TJ - SD to destination city

We can adjust to any other origin of your choice

Airport to hotel transfer
Hotel check-in

Day 2

City Tour
Dinner (food & beverages included)

Day 3

Pre game party
Game ticket (area of your choice)

Day 4

Hotel to airport transfer
Flight to departure city

NOTE: Transfers to programmed activities are included
For any additional information please contact us